Selenium removal has become a pressing problem for power plants, mines and many other industries globally. Selenium, and its various components is unlike many other pollutants in that it requires a unique technical approach for removal. Species such as selenate are difficult to remove from waste water and have traditionally required complex systems that are expensive to install and operate.

A simpler and less expensive approach utilizes zero valent iron (ZVI) which is a strong reducing agent and one of the few that can reduce selenate ions to inert, elemental selenium, while also tackling hard to address organo-selenium compounds.

Liberty Hydro Inc. offers a simple to use and operate ZVI technology focused on selenium reduction.  Our ZVI Blue™ product can address all species of selenium, including organo-selenium compounds, over a wide variety of operating parameters.  Whether as a stand-alone solution for selenium removal, or as a polishing step to achieve particularly difficult target concentrations of selenium, we can achieve the lowest levels of selenium concentrations required.

Using our patented Suspended Bed technology, ZVI Blue™ ensures very high contact rates between the process water and the reducing surface. Our modular design can scale up or down for the process requirements and our cuboid media has been designed for maximum efficiency in operation and ease of change-out.

Pilot tests in mine and power plant applications have proven that ZVI Blue™ will achieve among the highest rates of reduction of selenium, selenate, selenite and organo-selenium compounds in the industry today.

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Liberty Hydro

Developer and owner of propriety ZVI Blue™ to remove heavy metals and contaminants from wastewater.



Including ZVI Blue™ Reactive Media, as well as testing and analysis solutions.



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Liberty Hydro

About Liberty Hydro


Liberty Hydro developed and owns a propriety technology, called ZVI Blue™, to remove heavy metals and contaminants (including selenium, mercury and arsenic) from wastewater discharges at power generation facilities, industrial sites and coal mine operations.

This reactive media technology has been proven in field applications and can be customized to target specific water contaminants of concern.

Our Mission

To provide freedom from water problems for power plants, mines, and industry.

Our Solutions and Services:

  • Metal Removal for Industrial and Mine Operations
  • Treatment for Coal Ash Pond Dewatering
  • Treatment of FGD Purge Water
  • Control of Mine Drainage
  • Primary Treatment (phys chem) Optimization



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Management Team

Willaim O’Shea

  • 30 years of experience leading Industrial operations and delivering technical solutions
  • Industry Experience in Mining, Coal Fired Power Generation, Pulp & Paper and Cement.
  • BSME Lafayette College
  • MBA Lehigh University
  • AMP Harvard Business School

John Taylor, Ph.D.

  • 30 years of analytical experience
  • Decade as analytical chemist for Dow Chemical Company
  • 14 scientific publications and Six Sigma Black Belt
  • BS in Chemistry, University of Manchester
  • PhD in inorganic chemistry from Auburn University

Gerard Hodge

  • Oversees manufacture and installation ZVI Blue™ reactive media systems
  • Background in media manufacturing, welding, shop fabrication, and pilot assembly and installation

Janis Nary

  • 17 years experience with engineering and automation firms
  • Experience managing projects and preparing grant applications
  • BA Journalism, Marshall University